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'Lawson Baker - How Influencers are Using Social Tokens to Incentivize Followers

Episode Summary

Lawson is a digital nomad, Internet native, and crypto enthusiast. As the founder of RARA, Lawson's dream is to increase the velocity of money on the Internet with crypto social experiences. RARA is a social crypto company creating experiences around the cryptomedia, aka NFTs and social money which consists of personal and community tokens. Lawson is also an advisor to Hashflow, which is a defi bridge between off-chain liquidity and AMMs, and he is an OnDeck Founder Fellow. Additionally, Lawson has served on a variety of non-profit boards of directors including Chairman of Manos Unidas International, a non-profit benefitting special needs schools in Peru. In this episode, Lawson begins by explaining what brought him into the space and why he went all in on crypto. He explains the different steps he took in coming to the realization that crypto was going to have an integral role in the future. He goes on to discuss how fungible money used to serve as both a a form of currency, as well as a status symbol. The difference between using a $5 bill and a $100 bill, said something about the spender. Lawson's new platform(RARA), as he describes it, attempts to help us transition out of the information age, and into the age of connections.

Episode Notes

[1:36] How did you get into the crypto space and what is your background that led you to this industry?

[00:11:24] How are social tokens used?

[00:14:31] How do you connect someone's income stream to their personal token and do we run into sec laws when you start doing that? 

[00:18:45] Have you seen any really cool burn mechanisms that do create some value? 

[00:23:56] What are you most excited about with RARA over the next six months?

[00:28:55] Can jump into that a little bit more about what's the plan for that website (House Parties)?

[00:32:48] What is RARA?

[00:39:35] How long have you guys been working on RARA, this feature, this website, this idea of this auction?

[00:39:48] Is RARA already out, can you buy it now? 

[00:41:00] Where can people find you?

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