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Juan Jose Pinto - How Bitcoin Mining is Reviving South America's Economy & Electric Grid [Digital Gold, Ep. 10]

Episode Summary

Juan Pinto is the Chief Business Officer for Doctorminer, a professional bitcoin mining operator in South America. Juan has over ten years of experience in leading diverse multinational projects focused within the energy, bitcoin, and construction industries. In this episode, we dive into how bitcoin and bitcoin mining is helping to solve the Venezuelan economic and energy crises. We begin by talking about Juan's introduction to the mining space through his co-founder and then talk about the industrialization of bitcoin mining in Venezuela. Next, we talk about the economic and energy issues in Venezuela and how bitcoin as a store-of-value and mining as a way to convert energy into money is reviving the local communities. Finally, we discuss how bitcoin mining is actually rejuvenating the countries electric grid by providing revenue to fix broken infrastructure. This was a fascinating episode that truly reveals how bitcoin and bitcoin mining can help fix the issues of rampant money printing and make a real impact at a local level. I am sure you'll enjoy this one as much as I did.

Episode Notes

Show Notes:

(1:00) - How Juan was introduced to bitcoin

(4:00) - How are bitcoin miners growing in South America? 

(5:30) - Bitcoin mining is becoming one of the basic industries of the world

(6:00) - How is power subsidized in South America? 

(8:30) - How has the currency devaluation affected the day-to-day life of South Americans?

(12:30) - How are miners interacting with power generators in South America?

(15:00) - What is causing power generation issues in South America?

(20:00) - What is Doctor Miner working on? 

(22:50) - Is an S9s still profitable and how long do bitcoin miners last? 

(24:50) - What's more important, cheap power or efficient hardware? 

(27:50) - JPs journey through the mining industry

(31:00) - Institutional products and on-ramps for bitcoin mining

(34:00) - Closing remarks




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