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Jameson Lopp - The Importance of Securing Your Bitcoins & Data [Digital Gold, Ep. 7]

Episode Summary

Jameson Lopp is the Co-Founder & CTO of Casa, a Bitcoin Philosopher, and a Professional Cypherpunk. He has been actively building in the Bitcoin space since 2015 and has become one of the most respected voices in the Bitcoin developer community. He was previously an engineer at BitGo, developing its high-grade, multi-sig custody service before confounding Casa, a company providing secure wallets and plug-in-play infrastructure solutions for Bitcoin. His mission is to use his skills as a technologist to build tools that empower individuals and he works to achieve this by making it easier for people to take custody of their Bitcoin and manage their private keys. Our conversation begins by discussing how Jameson came to be a professional cyberpunk and his early introduction to Bitcoin. Next, we go into some of the technicalities behind bitcoin's revolutionary security measures and why it's crucial to own your private keys. Finally, we dive into how bitcoin adoption is progressing and what the future of the industry holds. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to my long-time friend and bitcoin legend Jameson Lopp and am confident you'll find the conversation fascinating and educational.

Episode Notes

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Show Notes:

(1:00) - Guest intro

(1:30) - How does one become a professional cyberpunk? 

(2:30) - Why is Bitcoin the one? 

(5:00) - How does Bitcoin development work? 

(7:45) - How do Bitcoin forks work?

(10:00) - What is a Multisig wallet?

(15:00) - The importance of owning your Bitcoin

(18:45) - Do you think apps like Robinhood & CashApp are good for consumer onboarding? 

(22:00) - Is Bitcoin still the people's money, or is it becoming commercialized? 

(25:00) - How do you see nation-states and central banks using blockchains as a tool?

(28:00) - Will Bitcoin compete against central-bank-backed digital currencies? 

(30:00) - When was the first time you heard about Bitcoin? 

(36:00) - The science behind the "Bitcoin Lotus"

(37:00) - What made you go off the grid? 

(42:00) - How to vanish in 15-steps

(46:00) - Simplifying Bitcoin 

(50:00) - Stomaching Bitcoin's volatility 

(53:00) - What advice would you give your 18-year-old self?

(1:00) - How long is your beard at the moment? 



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